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I hope my note this month finds you and your family safe
The world certainly has changed in many unimaginable ways over the past few weeks. COVID-19 has changed how we interact, closed our schools, and our non-essential businesses. Many people are working...
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10 Key Points about Mortgage Deferrals
They are discretionary.Lenders maintain the legal right to timely repayment of their mortgages. Mortgage payment deferral programs are offered at their sole discretion. 2.No lender is going to...
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Government, Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy Reactions to COVID-19
By Mark Kerzner, President TMG The Mortgage GroupThere was a second emergency reduction in the Overnight rate of 50 basis points on Friday, March 13 – to ensure market liquidity, and in response to...
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Breaking News
The Bank of Canada (BoC) has announced another 50bps reduction in interest rates today in an emergency meeting. The rate has dropped to .75%. The BoC said they are prepared to cuts rates further. We...
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