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5 stress management tips for dealing with higher interest rates this holiday season
The holiday season can often bring a mix of joy and financial stress. For those with mortgages up for renewal, feeling the pinch of inflation or concerned with any changes to an already tight budget,...
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Easing inflation has likely “closed the door” to further rate hikes
Canada’s headline inflation rate eased more than expected in October, likely shutting the door to any further immediate rate hikes, economists say.Statistics CanadareportedTuesday that headline CPI...
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Your mortgage renewal and rising rates: what you should know
Mortgage renewals is a topic that has garnered a fair bit of media attention recently. And for good reason. Those facing a mortgage renewal in the coming months or even in the next year are rightly...
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Is the Bank of Canada finally done hiking rates?
As was widely expected, the Bank of Canada delivered a second consecutive rate hold today, leaving its key benchmark rate at 5.00%.That was welcome news for variable-rate mortgage holders, who won’t...
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